About Me

IMG_2204 (1)My name is David Trahair, but you can call me Dave. You may have heard of me because I am an accountant (CPA, CA) and also an author. I have actually written 5 books on personal finance including two that are Canadian National Bestsellers (Smoke and Mirrors: Financial Myths That Will Ruin Your Retirement Dreams and Enough Bull: How to Retire Without the Stock Market, Mutual Funds or even an Investment Advisor). I run my personal financial training and accounting firm out of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

But this site has nothing to do with accounting or writing. It’s about my other passion – photography!

At this stage in my life I am interested in spending more time photographing professional sports including auto racing and tennis. I actively seek organizations that are putting on events that are interested in promoting them through social media using my photos. Here’s how it works. First of all I need a media pass so I can get close to the action. I then attend the early rounds of the event, photograph all the key athletes and post my shots each day on social media including my Twitter and Instagram accounts (check them out by clicking on the logos at the bottom of each page). This (hopefully!) helps promote the event and brings in more paying customers 🙂

At this stage I am interested in doing more of this so I am currently offering my services free of charge. If you know someone running an event that might be interested I’d very much appreciate you pointing them my way!

BTW, that camera in the pic above is not what I use to get my sports shots. I use a Nikon D610 or D750 with a Nikkor f2.8 70-200 mm zoom or a Nikkor f2.8 300mm lens.

Thanks for visiting!